Wednesday, October 17, 2012

another adventure in parenting...

Cleona poops. Just FYI. That's the topic here.

That and the quick change.

It's 5am. I'm holding her while Matt prepares to change her. And Cleona poops three times why I am holding her. There's a blowout.

I go to get a new sleeper and discover there's a wet spot on my leg. Time for fresh pj shorts! I bring back the sleeper, sit down and discover there's a wet spot on my tank top too. Time for a fresh one of those.

I pump and feed (forceful letdown coping mechanism!) and she is still hungry. I go to pump on the other side and cold milk (from a previous pumping) somehow comes out of the pump and gets all over my tank!

yaaay fun. Three changes in total, lucky us.

Oh and tonight's second sleeper has an extra snap. So random. I think it is from Canada. (Yes, really)
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