Monday, October 15, 2012

a little over the top perhaps...

but you know how sometimes the universe seems to be showing you that you're doing something right? well, I kind of feel like its reaffirming my maternity leave choices.

y'see, I am off through the end of december. for lots of reasons not worth listing right now, but all are extremely logical. also, after finding out we were pregnant we saved enough to pay our mortgage for three months and then some. but then we bought a car, and a little savings went to that, and then we found ourselves with a car payment we hadn't been planning on when we saved cashola for my leave. we knew it would all work out and all bills would get paid, we just might not put a dent in our debt. anyway.

so, fast forward to now....and since late is, once again, going gangbusters. I have booked a newborn, a first year package, two weddings, six family sessions, a lab shoot (which will have follow up work), an engagement and had three people ask about minis. It makes me think of earlier this year when I took a leap of faith and bought my worth-an-old-Honda camera and suddenly so many opportunities appeared before my very eyes.

thank you, universe.

also, this surge in photography is totally making me want to consider going back to work part time. that might not be in the cards...but even working only four days a week and doing photography work the fifth day would be pretty spectacular :)
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