Friday, August 03, 2012

thirty things in august. three.

Describe your relationship with your parents.

When my father was alive, the relationship was, in a word...strained. He had the best intentions and deep inside I believe he had a good heart, but he had a lot of....let's go with the word "problems." I still find myself thinking about lessons he taught me (e.g. if you call yourself the same negative thing enough times, you will start thinking it, or that getting angry is a choice you make.

My mother is a super-hippie. I am in the role of her sort-of-financial caretaker/money-doler-outer. It is awkward. But I'm also the best choice of her children to fill this job. We're determined to not let it affect our relationship. Other than this issue, my mother and I are pretty close and alike in many ways. It makes me sad that we live far apart and that she won't be here to meet her first grandchild on the day CeeCee is born. 


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