Thursday, August 09, 2012

thirty things in august. nine.

list ten people who have influenced you and describe how.

(in no particular order)

1. my mother. my super-hippie, far-out-saying mother. I could say so much--but instead I'll just leave it at: she encouraged me to be me, taught me to be compassionate toward others, and urged me to achieve everything I possibly could. :)

2. my grandmother. I kind of want to give her a papercut and pour lemon juice on it at this very moment (oh, family) but I know that in the grand scheme of life, I am fortunate to have had such a wonderful relationship with her. she taught me to live like you're wealthy while spending like you're poor, and always encouraged generosity.

3. my k@ydee sisters. all of them. each of them. individually, collectively. I am SO thankful for them every single day.

4. sterling. I met him in first grade. he was my first kiss and first boyfriend. and he understands my particular brand of crazy. :) he has always encouraged me to pursue art (at one point going so far as to tell me that I should put down the camera and pick up a paint brush--and not pick up the camera again until I'd painted my 100th painting. he took that back, eventually...) and reminds me of my roots.

5. jessica and renee. though they influence me individually, I talk of them collectively, because that's how we roll. they taught me the importance of making new friends but keeping the old. they have been there for me in the rockiest times of my life. and they listened when I shared physics lessons with them while driving around a curve, or told them of the wonders of fluid dynamics--which pretty much taught me what a true friendship is. :)

6. my youth leaders. I had one influence me in a very positive way and another in an extremely negative way. Jenny encouraged me to learn more, to embrace my inquisitiveness and to be fun even when things were not so fun. David was...well, a lot of negative words come to mind. I think the most valuable lesson he taught me was to trust my gut--it was right about him and has been right about a lot of things since.

7. my science teachers, particularly mrs. vincent, my 3rd grade science teacher and mrs. wakeley, my 6th grade science teacher. they both shared their love of science, which is what sparked and kindled *my* love of science. mrs. vincent gave me an award that ultimately set me on my career path (I got to attend a science camp at TU on scholarship because I was the best science student for my grade that year--and the award usually went to a guy, so that was pretty kickin too) and referred me for an AWESOME tutoring job when I was a senior in college. mrs. wakeley and I still communicate--our families got to know one another well when her son was on my brother's soccer team and they became good friends. I think mrs wakeley is what really made me feel like I could positively benefit the environment. The seed was there, but the earth club, which she oversaw, was what really solidified it for me.

8. my granddaddy. he taught me the value of patience, of puns, of surprises and of kindness.

9. mrs benson. she taught me to write and write well. and instilled a confidence in me for which I'll always be grateful. and would make me blush or make me frustrated on purpose, which helped me take things more lightly in the long run.

10. my fabulous husband. matt has encouraged me in so many facets of my life. which is exactly what a husband should do, yes? he supports it all--I mean, this is the man who said of our trip to Italy that the only souvenir he wanted, really, was the pictures that I would take while we were there. If we left with nothing else, that would still be plenty for him. He supports and encourages me and praises my accomplishments.


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