Friday, March 02, 2012

a whole month without a post.

and now I come back and post about medical stuff? yeesh!

so, yesterday I was discussing my medical history and said "yeah, plus I always have weird medical problems." the gal asked me to elaborate. let's list a few, shall we?

-I have had the chicken pox twice. Two years ago they tested my immunity for said chicken pox. I was "equivocal." They vaccinated me last spring. I am still not immune.

-when I had allergy testing done in early 2010 I had a few bumps show up--nothing exciting, just stuff to take note of. two days later I have huge welts on my arms in some of the spots. I had a delayed reaction they had never seen before. I almost had to wear arm makeup on my wedding day. I am now a cautionary tale at my allergist's/ENT's office.

-when I was little something strange happened with one of my fillings. I ended up having some weird nerve something-of-other that traveled up my cheek. It was so rare that the doctor paraded me around spr!nger cl!nic to show the other doctors.

-I had to have sinus surgery twice. Normal people only have this once if they have it at all.

there's more. but yeah. strangeness.

also, sorry for the february hiatus. I guess it meant that I wasn't going to be moping around about it being february! and on the plus side, it's now march!


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