Tuesday, January 31, 2012

"and everybody probably thinks I'm crazy..."

~the belle brigade

hoooooooooboy. I have no idea how it's only tuesday afternoon because this week feels like molasses flows. maybe it was the busy weekend. maybe it's the photos that I still need to edit. maybe it's the way that the unseasonably warm weather (cough*cough*climate*change) is beckoning me to go outside. but something is making it drag.

so, I totally failed at actually getting photos prepped to include in this post. so instead I'll introduce you to the youtube video with which I am obsessed. It showed up on our g00gleTV one day and it looked cool so we watched it. and now we are hooked!

tomorrow marks the beginning of february. which I've decided this year has too much potential good going on for me to really hate it. ready for the positive?

-we get to see our friends Kristin & Adam in Maryland and meet their little kiddo Jacob!
-we get to see Jessica, Cody and Caroline in Tennessee
-it's the month o' the work photo contest (entry possibilities comin' up soon!)
-and it's NOT already all filled up. which brings me GREAT joy!

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