Friday, November 18, 2011

"spring green is much too yellow, sea green is much too pale..."

~crayola doesn't make a color for your eyes.

oh, kat. she put this song in her little girl's slideshow (go check out her blog for more info) and now it's been stuck in my head.

today is a hot peppermint tea, skinny jeans, ipod kind of day. I spent all day yesterday at a workshop (more on that later). it was AWESOME. lots of new ideas, new motivation and some changes a'comin your way. :)

also, I never know if I want to share these kind of things, but...I went to the lady-parts doctor earlier this week for my annual visit, and we discussed how the main thing I need to do right now is do whatever I can to de-stress.

you'll notice an important thing in the way that is phrased--she didn't tell me to eliminate sources of stress. clearly, I will still have my family, my kaydee responsibilities, my job, my photography, my life. I do not need to live like a hermit, quit traveling, ostracize my family or anything else.

instead, I need to find an effective way to deal with it better. (sorry that sentence sounds awkward. I'm avoiding split infinitives!)


I need suggestions. please help me add to the list.

current plans:
-start using those massages again
-maybe visit an acupuncturist (I've been thinking about this for a long time)
-de-clutter our home (when I am finally done with my to-do list I still feel like I have to clean. and less clutter=less cleaning. we HAVE been making progress, but listing it as a goal helps)
-listen to music more. particularly of the upbeat variety.
-take a relaxing vacation. not an adventure. not with others. just us. :)

any other ideas?


gurdas said...

"lady-parts doctor" ... such an engineered sentence :)

Other ideas:
1. Take long walks in an environment free from anthropogenic sounds.
2. Sit beside a lake/pond.
3. Read "happy" books, preferably in a serene location.
4. Go out with friends for chit chats.
5. Live in "day-tight compartments". That phrase from Dale Carnegie's excellent work "How to stop worrying..."
6. Desire less of everything that can be bought with money.

ncmunchkin said...

Hang with Oliver...he'll make you smile and forget about things for a while. :)

Maria said...

I don't know about you, but I get CRANKY if I don't exercise. Yes, I like to run and lift weights, but you could find something you enjoy-- walks, yoga, swimming-- all great stress relievers. :)

Leanne said...

I'm with Maria - walking released a lot of stress in my life before I got pregnant and is something I've been able to continue now that my stress-level is that much higher. :-) Walking might not be your cup of tea, but finding something like that that helps you completely dis-engage from the world is crucial for sanity in my house. :-)

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