Friday, October 28, 2011

we live in a beautiful world (yeah we do, yeah we do.)


It is a gray day in North Carolina. And I friggin love it. I must admit that I wish I were wearing shoes with socks instead of my flats, and I regret not choosing to wear my wool coat, but overall, this weather is RIGHT up my alley and it makes me smile.

PLUS as my amazing friend Courtney pointed out, this gray day makes the trees look that much more amazing. Matt said it made him think of our roadtrip to the Northeast. It's good stuff, people. Good, good stuff.

Thank you, fall, for arriving. I'm going to enjoy some more hot tea now, thanks!


Renee B. said...

It was gray and rainy on Monday here in OK. Best day since our move! I wore a sweater. And boots. AND a jacket. Amazing. I am a cold climate girl!

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