Friday, June 10, 2011

well, this is new.

first, an update: here's where our italy blog is located. we're only through the first part of our trip, but I'm working on the second part. :D

so, this weekend, for the first time in a long time, and definitely for the first time since algebra II, I felt like a math whiz. specifically the math whiz who, in let's say high school, the cool kids buddied up to so they could get math help, and then totally ignored as soon as math was over.

maybe it was jet leg, maybe I was hormonal, maybe a whole lot of things--but that's how I felt. and it was kind of surreal because I just kept thinking about how I'd made damn certain not to be that girl in high school. and in college we were all working our tails off, so that person rarely existed in ChE.

and yet I found myself feeling that way. I didn't even realize we were on the path until we got to the destination--but in retrospect I should've known the whole time.

thankfully, it was about nothing terribly important. or that could result in detention. :) but gee whiz. very disconcerting.

also new? thinking about the timelines of life, and wondering when/if there will be a baby/fetus and whether or not I need to (or will need to) change things because of that. the not knowing is kind of obnoxious but also kind of refreshing. and that, for lack of a better word, surprises me. I LOATHE surprises y'see (well, honestly I should clarify--I loathe surprises that I know are coming--I'm peachy with a side of keen about surprises that are a total surprise) So it is kind of fun that I think this whole not-knowing, not-getting-to-plan thing is delightful. :)

who knew?

also delightful...
-yesterday I won $75 from des!gn @glow, a very cool ph0tographer resource!
-yesterday I also won a free acupuncture session at the place I've been wanting to try out (I've never done acupuncture before but have heard amazing things)
-yesterday I got free strawberries, too! I'm going to try making fruit leather tonight! (like fruit rollups!)
-I get to photograph a wedding this weekend! woohoo!
-and I get to go meet little Lily, the wonderful daughter of Mary Alise and Michael. Seriously can't wait to meet her!

Oh yeah--and also...IT'S FRIDAY! Thank goodness!


Arrnica said...

wow. looks like loadsa fun :D

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