Tuesday, May 10, 2011

crazy insane or insane crazy?

(when I say husse!n you say shady)


I have been wondering if I am crazy insane or super-dee-duper-practical. y'see, in not long at all (cough*cough*less*than*two*weeks*cough) Matt and I head to Italy. And I am getting annnxious.

I mean, okay, so I just told the blogiverse when we leave. But most of my readers are people I know, friends of people I know, or people who don't live in my general vicinity. And a few random visitors and/or lurkers (hi there!). And the beauty of this blog is that you don't find it using g00gle, at least not if you're trying to find *me.*

right. so.

I am WAY worried about the whole random-folks-knowing-I'm-gone thing. Like, we have someone taking care of our cats and our neighbors are gonna keep an eye out. And that's just amazing! But I'm still nervous. Yesterday, this thing we do that I can't talk about unless you come watch television at my house (seriously!) told me they wanted to know the exact dates we were gonna be gone and a local contact who could let them in if necessary. Um, nope. Not letting a stranger into my home while we're gone, for one, and for two I'm not asking any friends to do that--don't want to put them in that position.

I wondered if I was being a bit paranoid. Or very practical. Or both. And then...

then I started contemplating a temporary change on FB so that no one could write on my wall. Because I don't want a lot of "have so much fun in Italy! hope today's flight goes smoothly" all over the place. 'Cause if you can find me on FB, you can find my home address. And not just because I have a business. But is that too extreme? I mean, on one hand, FB posts have caused actual real drama in my life. Oh the other hand, who is really going to break into a piddly little townhome, and what's the actual value of the things they could take (honestly, it's not like it's nothing, but it's also not like it's 100k or anything).

So, yeah. I dunno. I'm either crazy insane or insane crazy. Or totally practical. Or both.

Where's the extreme? I really think not letting repair folks in my house (with someone I designate) makes sense--whatever it is, it can likely wait. Or it's so bad that there won't be any second thought and I have no control of it. (e.g., fire, plague of locusts, flooding, acts of God, etc) (ps, the phrase "acts of God" makes me want to add "no tag-backs!") I dunno. Is taking away my FB wall too much? Is it too little? Should I have pretended we were going in, like, July and then surprised everyone when we left and came back? What do you think?


{lauryl} said...

this is a rough one. since many, many, many people know where i live (home business = clients/vendors/etc all have been to my home), i refrain from saying anything about trips/vacations until after i'm home. i ask my neighbor to water my plants and get my mail and i put lights on timers so it looks like we're home. so far, so good. but other than family, i just don't tell anyone we're leaving. disabling your FB wall doesn't seem extreme to me, but then, i too have dealt with major FB drama. honestly, i wish FB didn't exist... ;-) good luck and have a wonderful vacay!

Christy said...

I did what {lauryl} suggested. Last October I spent a couple of weeks in Europe and occasionally alluded to the trip in my blog and on FB but never mentioned dates before leaving. I had my mail held and put the lights on timers. I found a hightly rated cat sitter on Angie's List to come to the house, whose husband was a police officer.

Wanting to be cautious means you're smart, not crazy.

Anonymous said...

You can't be too careful. If someone is close enough to know you're going, they won't freak that they can't post on your facebook wall for a while. Privacy privacy privacy. Criminals aren't stupid.

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