Monday, January 10, 2011

I do not live in a house of "bedmakers."

But I'm so excited about our new arrangement and new chest of drawers that I might have to become one!

For quite a while now I've been eyeing this piece of furniture. I hadn't ever purchased it because it came in a very pretty blue, a lovely red, a white and a super dark black-brown color. I don't love red for decorating, the blue wasn't right for my bedroom, I didn't want white and I prefer cherry colors over the dark ones. I look at this furniture every time we go to Ike@. And then I decide not to get it.

Until now.

On Saturday, after lunch with some of Matt's teacher friends, we headed to Charlotte to meet up with my friend and Kaydee sister Karen, who was visiting someone in Charlotte. She's why I joined the house and she's a totally awesome human being. :) Anyway, after we ate a loverly appetizer with them at an Irish Pub Matt and I went to Ike@. You know, just to look. Although I did have the go-ahead to buy a new dresser if I found I liked (and that wasn't a billion dollars) because we had realized that I just didn't have enough drawer space.

And then we came upon that eight drawer dresser in a new color! A new color that we BOTH love. Which is unheard of for us. We bought it immediately. We did not have to drive home with our knees in the dash, and Matt didn't have to use the GPS to tell him the speed he was going. WHEW.

On Sunday, when I came home from church, Matt surprised me by being halfway done assembling the dresser! By the end of the night we'd cleaned up some of the clutter, re-positioned our bed and put the dresser against the wall. It was definitely a happy accident--I mean, I'd been talking about maybe rearranging our room, but hadn't decided to do it. trip to Ike@ and one moment of failing to measure in advance (we were off by only 6 inches though!) and, um, yeah. We had to rearrange or else it wasn't going to fit.

But you know what? It makes our bedroom feel huuuuuuuge. And I don't care if it's "bad fe*ng s*hui" to sleep with your bed in line with the door--I love it. It works. And although the bed isn't made, and although it was too late to finish tidying up--I love it so much that I'm gonna share pictures!

the newly-assembled and filled dresser (with things to-be-relocated on top!)

the bed from the doorway. (excuse the nightstand craziness--it just got thrown there when I moved it at 1130pm last night)

and, the best part? it's cat-tested and Gobi approved. :) He was a little freaked out when he came over and everything had been moved, but before the night was over he was all cuddled up in his spot right above my head. And even Hazel seemed less restless last night!


Renee B. said...

reminds me of how we rearranged our room last year - in front of the windows and in line with the door. i love it too! makes the room feel gigantic. love the new dresser! :-)

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