Wednesday, October 13, 2010

ten more days in my twenties.

and I am PUMPED.

birthday party planned by matt? check. (I hear I will like it--it is a surprise!)
plans for the weekend arranged? check.
plans to clean our house covered? check.
enjoying my birthday month? check-carat-infinity!!

additionally, I have devised a clever plan. as I will be turning 30, I am quite sure that a handful of people I know will feel inclined to call me "old." one girl has already said it TWICE and I'm not even there yet. but anyway, I have a plan...

if someone calls me old, I will be buying them a shot. specifically, a shot called "ch0ke a b!tch. " you might remember that my friend amy and I had one at my bachelorette. let me share a picture--before. then during. check out that grimace.

right. so. you call me old, I buy you a drink. likely the worst drink you've ever had. seriously, I thought cement mixers and brain hemorrhages were bad. they've got nothing on this disgustingly named shot. ew. ew. ew. (and in case you are wondering, we ended up with this delectable delight because the bartender thought we asked for the worst shot she could thing of--when no, we asked for the one with the worst NAME. okay in all fairness it might be one and the same)

anyhoodle. it's october. matt keeps asking me if I'm enjoying celebrating my birthday month. and I totally, totally am. and it's not even halfway over yet! yippee!


Renee B. said...

that is an EXCELLENT plan! :-)

btw, the word i have to "verify" today is "nerwated." doesn't that sound like what will happen to you if you take that shot? you'll get totally nerwated!

Misha said...

Ok, so I don't mean to bring up bad memories. But damn, Carrie knows how to put people in their place with a shot. When I turned 21, we were in a feud at the time...she bought me the last shot that put me down for the count. The one and only time I ever had a "3 Wise Men". Never Again. Never.

care said...

oh misha, I totally forgot about that! in my defense, I was given that shot on my 21st too! but yeah--yikes. in retrospect, sorry! didn't we go to like the mustang or pony or something? it was somewhere I had never been...and oh, college, my, my. I

ps: I miss you Misha!

Misha said...

I think it is funny to look back on it now! And yeah, I have no clue what bar that was. That was the one and only time any of us ever went there.

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