Wednesday, October 13, 2010

october is awesome. thirteen

in october, i love: the beer festival. it happens every year the first or second weekend of october. this year we went with karen & rich and olivia & adam. it was SO fun. funny quotes include

"I'm not gonna let any of the other boys touch my pretzels." ~olivia.
"I'm drunk enough to tell you that your hair is really pretty." ~random drunk guy, to me.
"We need to find a member of the opposite sex." ~random drunk guy, who wanted some of my pretzels on my necklace. I told him he could have some as long as he wasn't dirty about it. he was actually really nice about it.
"Don't you get tired of hearing 'raging b*tch?'"~ me, to the lady serving the beer of the same name

etc. :)


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