Tuesday, October 05, 2010

october is awesome. five.

in october, i love: shoes. these shoes. these shoes that are wool and make me think of old 70s chairs. I only wear these when it's cold outside. I bought them four years ago when mary alise made me go to richmond to get the hell out of dodge, and we went shopping, and visited crate and barrel where I fell in love with this couch, and stayed in the omni opting for the room with strawberries and champagne instead of the one with the kiddie museum passes. the people definitely wondered if we were "together." and during the night on the town we posed with a lion statue AND a policeman. goodness gracious. so fun and so headache inducing. all in all, it was amazing. and every time I wear these shoes I a) get lots of compliments and b) more importantly, think of my dear friend mary alise. :)


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