Wednesday, October 06, 2010

just. plain. weird.

I promise this is the limit of TMI for this post; today I go for my annual lady doctor visit.

I am seeing a new doctor whose office is in Durham. I chose this office because a) it was recommended and b) it is close to my house. because great googley moogley, today I am going to talk to her about having a baby in the not-crazy-distant future. I still plan on riding the no-baby train for a little while longer, but I am also planning on getting a map and schedule so I know when I've reached my stop.

It is really freaking weird to have gotten to that point in my life. Maybe you folks with babies know exactly what I'm talking about. Maybe things happened differently for you and this wasn't part of your process. But yesterday while filling out my paperwork I realized that I'd been taking the pill for THIRTEEN years. For cramps and acne initially, but eventually the birth control aspect was important too.

Anyway. I realized yesterday that today I am going to be discussing things like prenatal vitamins and what the process is when you decide to go off the pill. About things I need to do, ways to prepare, things I should take or stop taking and the like.

But then it occurred to me too that I need to at least ask about things like their view on natural childbirth. and how they feel about c-sections. and midwives. Because this doctor, or the ones at this practice, might be the ones who DELIVER A BABY for me some day. this is just plain bizarre that my head is even contemplating this!

and then my mind started spiraling a little 'cause it's flu shot time, and I have exactly zero desire to get one--EVER--what will my doctor say? and then it made me think of the stories I've read about pediatricians refusing to see children whose parents opted to not complete all of their immunizations. aaah!

for now, I shall go and talk about vitamins. and at least say "so, what's this practice's take on the more granola/natural aspects of pregnancy/labor/delivery?"

it was really surreal earlier this year when I was talking about allergy therapy and had to ask my ENT what would happen if I got pregnant because I might be doing this whole allergy drop thingie for 3-5 years. but now to be like "hi, we just met. next time I see you I hope I'm either pregnant or trying, thanks." WHOA.


Anonymous said...

I'm so excited for you! And I hope you post what you learn, because I for one am very interested in a natural pregnancy and birth. Good luck to you!!


Sydney Fedesna said...

Reading where you are at, compared to how I still think, has now effectively reaffirmed my belief that we are unofficially still on the 5 to 10 year plan :)

Anonymous said...

I've had some of the EXACT same feelins. Like, how can I trust this person that I just met(doctor or not) to handle somethin that I've been thinkin about since before I was even able to conceive! I'm there with ya, sister.


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