Monday, October 04, 2010

"ion displacement won't work in the basement especially when I'm not with you"

~vampire weekend

oh, october. thank the heavens, it is october. it is crazy and it is chilly and it is SPLENDID. I feel like this is the time of year when my creative juices recharge and my heart sings and I feel the most like "myself."

I love this month. for a million and eleven reasons. for cider and chilly floors and leaving the window open, for the many october birthdays (including mine, of course!), for pumpkins and colorful leaves and fall veggies, for pies and using the oven and oh my gosh I could go on for days. approximately 31 of them. ending on halloween :)

and although it's a bit nuts--and quite a bit more nuts than I intended--I am so, so SO excited that October is here. We get to see two of our favorite bands, we get to see Lisa & Richard get married (and photograph it!), we get to go to (hopefully) two different beer-oriented events AND it's the state fair. AND I have some pretty kickin' weddings this month, too.

my favorite moment of the month so far? I thought it was learning bamboozle at saturday's wedding and being told I was a front-runner for being the "American Bamboozle Association of America's" official photographer (seriously, these groomsmen were HILARIOUS). But yesterday evening, while we sat on the couch eating chicken tortilla soup and watching The Book of Eli, and while I edited photos with messy hair and yoga pants on, Matt turned towards me, surveyed the scene and said "you are really, really beautiful. I love you."

it is definitely the sweetest moment of october :)


Lisa said...

awe super fabulous post and not just b/c i'm in it;)

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