Wednesday, September 29, 2010

i told you so.

I have been wanting to say that for weeeeeeks now. to our lead.

-I told you we should've revised the costs. In JULY.
-I told you we needed to make our reporting requirements align with the terms in our equations.
-I told you that people wouldn't like it if we changed that paragraph.
-I told you they needed numbers for the average HYBRID facility.


except, for the most part, I have managed to keep my "I told you so"s to myself. Or to Matt. Or occasionally to my project lead here at work. Except for yesterday, I did get to say it--when they said "wait, why didn't we change the costs in July?"

Oh and I'm also having a lot of this--I say that something should be such-and-such way, our lead says it should be such-and-such way and my project lead at my company says "yess'm. let's do it your way." and then we end up changing it to how I suggested in the first place. and THEN at some future point I hear an explanation of how we decided to do things the way that we did (the way I initially suggested) for this reason, this reason and that reason--that is, THE REASONS I SUGGESTED IT IN THE FIRST PLACE. Except they are presented as though they are totally new to me and I've never heard them before and couldn't possibly have been my suggestion.

this is the product of speedy deadlines and frazzled heads, and what we like to call "Brain Years"--that it's been, oh, 3 brain years since last january--that we've processed 3 years worth of info since then. which, um, might be totally true.

anyhoodle. now that I've got that out...

today I was thinking about my prolific basil. My basil which is now as tall as my middle and makes a circle bigger around than my arms. and while wondering what I can do with it. And I thought...I wonder if basil can be used as a tea? And you know what? It can and it's yummy! and furthermore, it is thought to be healthy. according to this site....

The following are the health benefits attributed to basil tea:

  • Basil Tea may help treat intestinal colics, gastric ulcer and bloating/swelling of the abdomen.

  • Basil Tea may help treat anorexia.

  • Basil Tea may help fight urinary tract infections.

  • Basil Tea may help against diarrhea.

  • Basil Tea may help fight insomnia.

  • As a throat wash, basil tea may help treat lesions and inflammations in the mouth.

I used Italian Basil and I really like it. Not as amazing as my mint tea from the farmer's market in decatur, but definitely yummy. Try it!


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