Wednesday, August 18, 2010

trouble....deep, deep trouble...

I remember when I was a kid and it was terrible that my mom let me watch The Simpsons because of the burping and the crudeness. I distinctly recall thinking that was ridiculous, the show was funny and I really liked Lisa. :)

I know there are lines when it comes to language and behavior and appropriateness--regarding cursing, racial slurs and discussing politics and religion at the dinner table. I sometimes blur, bend or break them, but I also know they're there for a good purpose.

However, this morning *I* was appalled by the story on the BBC world service. As I drove into work, drinking my coffee and eating my breakfast sandwich, they were telling a story about some people somewhere--I could've told you where, but then the following happened....

during my less-than-ten-minutes drive to work, and within three minutes of one another I heard the following phrases "three people were hacked to death..." and "he was drug along by a rope tied around his genitalia."

I heard these phrases on free public radio while I ate my breakfast.

and I was disgusted and kind of lost my appetite.

and I kind of can't believe they are allowed to say those phrases on the radio. I mean I KNOW that's as sterile as you can get for explaining those situations--but did they have to use the word hacked? and more importantly, did they HAVE to specify how he was dragged? I get letting the people know the real severity of the situation, and the horrors of others' actions, but WHAT? You can say that on the radio at 930 in the morning?



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