Monday, August 23, 2010

"changed for good."


so, I wasn't going to post this. I've left it as a draft since monday. I've been doing that a lot. but I was talking to Lisa and it made me want to share this with y'all...

as recently as a month ago, and as long as four months and nine days ago, I would have emphatically informed you that being married "isn't really all that different." and I meant it.

and it isn't that suddenly it's all THAT different. but the dust has settled. and we have settled in. and our roller coaster has become more like a sunday drive and less like a tumultuous, heart-in-your-throat, weightless then pressed to the seat kind of journey like it was before. a calm has come over us. and I like it.

and now we are able to make PLANS. not plans like what we're doing this friday (by the way the answer is NOTHING and we intend on keeping it that way!) but plans as in how we'd like our life to unfold. I touched on this when I mentioned the dave ramsey book (we are still trudging through, btw).

and for all that we're doing, it still feels like that sunday drive. and I like it. Matt and I argue/disagree less, now (but, still, no one ever wins our fights. per usual), and we say " I love you" more. And it makes me really, really happy.

the end. :)


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