Monday, May 24, 2010

this is so unfair.

okay, maybe not unfair. perhaps unrealistic. or inconsiderate. or freaking ridiculous.

today I need to remember:
I am lucky to have a job. A job that pays well.
I am fortunate to have just received a promotion.
And more fortunate still to have gotten a raise.
My boss is nice, my co-workers are friendly, and I have an office with a door.


my lead wanted my PTO schedule for the summer. fine, fine. whatever. I gave it to her. And then I said to the project leader that I hadn't included times I planned on being out of town over the weekend. because it's THE FREAKIN' WEEKEND BABY (I'm about to have me some fun--thanks R. Kelly).

e.g., when I am out of town for a wedding. or when I go to visit Renee in July. or if I just want to not turn on my work computer on my days off.

but then my project lead told me to ask. to offer. because GUESS WHAT? I am, apparently, supposed to be working over the weekends between June 11th and July 31st.

all I have to say is: it's a damn good thing they just started paying me better, because I am already frustrated about this. I've already done the whole 7-day work week thing, and it ain't pretty. and if they even start to suggest that I do work on my honeymoon, well, I might just blow a gasket. yeesh.


Lisa said...

OMG that is SOO not cool!!!

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