Thursday, April 08, 2010

"getting so much [closer] all the time--it's getting [closer] all the time..."

~the beatles

which is appropriate because a) I love them
b) we are playing some beatles during our ceremony
c) my friend ariel had her baby and they named their son jude!

so. I am in the "home stretch" as they say. And if I have one more male make a joke about how girls get so caught up in such and such I will probably grab my craft scissors and GIVE them that bad haircut I always wish on jerky people. Yeesh!

we had a really awesome Easter--we spent it at Christy's house again! Yummy food and splendid company--win-win. And no tattoo this year BUT I'm pretty sure I'll be holding Jen to it next year and we'll both go get one on good friday!

and ranunculus are in SEASON! I bought them at the farmer's market for the first time this year on saturday. I cannot WAIT to see how fantastic they look at my wedding. Jan is going to do amazing things!

oh and I have decided something--I have had like eight people ask me "so, who is your wedding designer" or "who planned your wedding" or "who is responsible for the whole look of your wedding--who did you hire?" And I have decided the answer to that question is as follows:


I am my own wedding designer. And my own wedding planner. And I am responsible for the look of my wedding! My florist absolutely gets 110% of the credit for all of the floral elements, of course, but I selected the ranunuculus, and I found the tablecloths, and I made the little touches that I'm not supposed to tell you about yet but just you wait--they're gonna rock your socks! :) I cannot freaking wait to show you pictures!

anyhoo. I apologize for the rant. But it's kind of the same kind of thing where, say, a person thinks that it's the camera that takes the nice photograph, not the user. It's like giving Photoshop or Lightroom full credit for the designer's work. Or saying that Picasso only painted so well due to his medium and supplies. Hogwash!

following up on my rant-y-ness are these beauties. something about this picture makes me want to print it huge on canvas and hang it up in my house. I'll put more up on my photography blog and site because I'm just LOVING the ranunculus this year. I am going to enjoy them for as long as I possibly can :)

oh yeah, and speaking of weddings--I booked two more this week! I am kind of loving how they are all spread out for hte most part, too!

I now have
one in april, the week after my wedding
two in june
none in july--but it's honeymoon time, so that works out perfectly!
one in august
two in september
and a billion in october. okay, no, three in october. and my 30th bday. and I'm second-shooting for Nicole.

yikeies. but overall, quite pleased! I am now at nine for the year plus second-shooting, so I'll take it!

and, one final question about that dang guest book: would it be so horrible if I just didn't have one? I haven't asked Matt this question, so I don't know if he has strong feelings about not having one at all...but I'm kind of thinking about just not doing it. We will see. Ladies who have been married--will I totally regret this some day? let me know, okay?

more soon (hopefully!)


Leanne...the walker said...

So glad for the update. I've been thinking about you all week. Can't wait to hear how things go. Can't believe it's so soon. SO sad I can't be there, but am thrilled to see pictures.

I've also been thinking about the guestbook idea. The only thing I can come up with that would be ready in time is perhaps getting postcards and somehow binding them together and having people write messages on those. I LOVED out blessing tree at our wedding. We hung all the little tags on the brown ribbon from my dress in the corner of our bedroom. I read them all the time. Our florists put that tree together, but I don't think it would be that hard...

As far as needing one, definitely don't. We haven't read ours much, but I was really glad we had it. We read it the next day and reflected on conversations we'd had and were actually surprised about who was there that we never even saw. (folks that only went to the ceremony) I don't know if I'd regret not having one, but I'm glad we did. It's not something you NEED though!

renee said...

i wanted one just because i loved looking at my parents' guest book and pictures when i was a kid and that's what made me decide to have one with pictures. so later on we can go through it as a family and talk about who was there and important to us. now i'm really really glad i have it because we lost my cousin and my professor within the next year and both were there and are in the book. i know that will end up being true for several of the people.

Patty said...

Hi Carrie! I didn't do a guest book...honestly, I don't see the point of a list of signatures (which is what guestbooks always end up being.)

What we did instead is have a large glass fishbowl (provided by our florist), with a stack of small folded cards and pens, where you could write your wishes, advice, funny story, or whatever you wanted to tell the bride and groom, and drop your card in the fishbowl. We had a small frame next to the bowl that said "please write a note to the bride and groom and drop it in the bowl".

After our wedding, I was able to save the good ones, and add them to one of my wedding albums, scrapbook style. For me, it was perfect. And pretty easy to execute.

So excited for you! The final countdown is on!

Misha said...

I don't even know where my guest book is....

Misha said...

Oh yeah..and I did exactly what Patty did too... don't know where all that stuff went either!

Teri Wiseley said...

Hi Sweetheart,

Can't wait to see you on Thursday.

My take on guestbooks... I can't even remember if we had one. Don't stress yourself over it.

I think, no, I know our wedding day was a sunny day. We were happy, people were happy for us. Was the setting perfect? Were the flowers perfect? I'm not sure...I married the right guy = perfect day.

Oh yeah, and the potato salad swan scuplture :)

you + matt = perfect.

Love you, Aunt Teri

Mickie said...

Totally late :) but just know i've never once looked back at my guest book, lol. I did have this great plan to have them sign a scrapbook page for my scrapbook but went off & left it at the house (45 mins away from the wedding locale so no going back). My mom rushed out & bought me a typical one from a big box store so I'd have something but it really didn't matter.

I hope you have a beautiful weekend & can't wait to see all the pictures!

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