Thursday, March 04, 2010

signs I should probably sleep more:

-in the past two hours I have said winter when I meant summer. I said Tuesday instead of Saturday. I was unable to effectively communicate that I feel like I have a sinus infection.

-yesterday I sent an email to my future brother in law and sister in law. er, um, intended to. instead I sent it to my future father in law and sister in law. oopsie. granted, they have the same names, but this is like the third time I made that mistake.

-this morning I picked up the same gray shirt three times. each time thinking "oh, maybe this is it!" yep, the same WRONG shirt each time. hence me wearing light blue today.

-I came thiiiis close to setting my alarm for PM. I also stepped on both Gobi and Hazel last night.

and, unrelated to sleep: I find myself wishing very, very often that I had a cute, lightweight, medium-to-charcoal gray scarf. I thought etsy would help me with this. I've yet to find one. maybe ruffled/ruched/bunched? suggestions welcome and appreciated. :)


Nicole Faby said...

You can borrow the one I got at the xmas exchange its gray bunched and from Nordstroms!

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