Sunday, November 22, 2009

so it's not like I can really take credit for this...

but I bet i was a part of the team effort. :)

in early October I filled out a comment card and dropped it at the airport in altanta. I told them their airport was very nice and all, and that I appreciated that there were lots of shops and food places, but that I thought it a shame that they had ZERO recycling bins.

this time around I saw this :) if you can't see--you trash, they sort, it's recycled!

-post from my iphone!


Jax said...

heck yeah! They ARE listening! Good job, chica!

Renee said...

yay carrie! thanks for making my airport greener. :-) did you wave to me while you were there?

p.s. - love the dryer sheets!

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