Wednesday, October 07, 2009

the savvy photographer's awesome ANIMOTO contest!

y'all know I love animoto!  I've been using it for a little over two years now--found out about it from a friend on facebook who loooooved it!  and it makes me happy. :) see this cuteness I made of Matt and me so long ago? awww.

I got Matt hooked on it for his school slideshows AND now his dad George has started a business with a corporate ANIMOTO account (and kindly passed his unlimited-full-length account to me!).  George has done some AWESOME videos, and I've been contemplating getting it for my photography. They even have this slick $99 trial you can do to test it out for 3 months. Sounds brilliant, yes?

Wellllll...even better, THE SAVVY PHOTOGRAPHER has set up a contest where you can win a FREE three-month trial. My twitter blew up with people entering today so I'm entering all the ways I can!  Sounds like a good birthday-month present, methinks! I'm hoping that even if I don't win they'll at least have a discount code!


Nicole Faby said...

It's on!! tee hee... I am going to purchase it anyways i think.. Good call on the discount code, didnt think of that. all though i think the only one they do is extending it a month!

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