Monday, October 19, 2009

one from the trip and a few courtesy of the amazing lara!

hey, we're in vermont!! this is right before we toured harpoon and then started heading south to philly. I couldn't do a post without at least ONE trip photo!! this was the spot that was so beautiful that all I could do was point and be a codfish--I couldn't even make words form to say "please pull over fiancematt, I'd like to take pictures of that." Thankfully, he was thinking the same thing (and also unable to verbalize due to the "wow" factor)

and this is what we came home to yesterday. LARA, you ROCK! we had a kind of rough ride home--Matt felt HORRIBLE, and I drove all but 1 of the 5 hours, but then I felt like I was about to fall asleep and had to ask him to drive, and we were just kind of worn out. So this was an AMAZING surprise! I even brought one of the little bouquets to put on my corkboard at work :)

more soon. :)


Nicole Faby said...

Fantastic!! See you for dinner soon!

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