Sunday, October 11, 2009

♫ i've been ev-er-y where man, i've been ev-er-y where man. across this coun-tr-y fair, man. i've been ever-y where... ♪

~mister johnny cash.


who knew I'd be blogging on vacation, hmm? well, I'm not quite sleepy yet, and I'm kind of unwinding, and I have the time and I am SO excited about today's pictures, you go!

yesterday we left at SEVEN THIRTY pm. we meant to leave at 3. Matt didn't even get home until 345, and before he left the car was not cleaned out, his things were not in his bags and I had been FREAKING OUT about my camera.

I want a c@non sd94O. I ordered one off amazon. In blue. And paid for two-day shipping. On friday the nice UPS man came by, and left a you-must-sign-for-this notice on the door. Long story short, my camera is still sitting in chapel hill. And UPS was wholly unhelpful. I might have cried. Thrice.

so, I called all of the "authorized retailers" in NC and VA, and none had it. nary a one. what the hell, I say!

so, I decided to buy the runner up, the sd78O, also by c@non. Um, yeah. no one sells them in silver. seriously. NO ONE. I think black cameras are ugly (I'm an artist, I get to be eccentric, right?) and I tolerate it for my slr because, well, I must. And it looks more professional. But this point and shoot is just for me, just for fun, and dang it, I don't want black. or red.

but. after spending all this time being annoyed and worried because my point and shoot will not flash, no matter what batteries I put on it (and yes of course it's on the right setting!) well, I decided I would just buy the red 78O. And if I check out the 940 later and love it and want to keep it? I will be happy to pay B3st Buy my 15% restocking fee. It is worth ~$40 to me to just have a good, working camera for the duration of the trip and not have to stress about it anymore!

so, I am pleased as punch to have a tiny, properly functioning point and shoot. between that, the scenery and the 50D, I am a happy camper!

anyhoodle, onto the show...

we woke up near BWI, grabbed some dunkin donuts when ihop was overwhelmingly crowded, stopped for the camera purchase and headed to new castle delaware. we had just arrived...

we saw cool buildings and statues and went to the best pub/tavern in ALL of Delaware! It's called Jessop's Tavern, and it was neato. Lots of beers (we just had one and some delish sweet potato fries) and I was amused that their "house wheat" is acutally a Leinenkugel product--their sunset wheat! Thank goodness I asked 'cause if I hadn't I would've tried it, and I'd be bummed 'cause I can get that beer where I live.

Oh, and some how I resisted the urge to have a New Castle in New Castle. Not sure how. Probably the words "fresh" and "local" on one of the taps! and CHECK OUT my beer--see the ying yang? It makes me think of the time there was a smiley face in my beer!

and the town is PRETTY! there were signs that made me giggle, awesome door-knockers, and if a picture of a kitchen grease barrel even looks kind of cool? then that town ROCKS.

and this was an awesome water fountain. matt took the one w/ the sign in it--look how well I've trained him :)

and aren't we cute?

oh, and my hair is redder. you can't really tell all that much most of the time--unless I get in sunlight. I wanted it lighter so i'll probably try again, but I'm enjoying it right now!! and aren't we cute? btw, the picture of us is the ONLY one I edited. the rest are all SOOC (straight out of camera). I decided to just edit the ones I loooooove instead of all of them. We'll see how long this reduce-my-stress kick holds. :)

after that we tried to see the World's Largest Frying pan, to no avail.

and here's a pic of the bridge in philly...

and then we went to Matt's Grandmother's house. She is a sweetheart! We had roast beef, mashed potatoes, corn, greenbeans and biscuits and then helped her fold programs for her church ceremony on Tuesday. It was fabulous to finally meet her!!

and now? now it's bedtime. :)


emotional diva said...

i love this post. his photo-taking skills are glorious! you are a grade A teacher!

love the pic of you taking the pic. i adore your red hair. =)

have a blast!!! =)

katandkarl said...

great pics! and now i want roast beef. and mashed potatoes. and all those other fixings.

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