Tuesday, August 25, 2009

i might play hooky on thursday

is that how you spell hooky? hookie? hookie? hmm. I am too lazy to check. :)

I have a list that is ever-growing of things to do--things I'm behind on--so if I can just fit in a few hours of personal work I might be able to accomplish more. Maybe? maybe.

I had intended to share some pictures with you, but brills me, I failed to download them. le sigh. I really wish I had Hermoine's time turner. Or could be like Michael Keaton in Multiplicity. Or could accomplish things at super human speed.

more soon.


Corrie said...

We call those "mental health days"...Do it! :)

m-m-m-melissa said...

i spell it with a "y" and i think you should definitely take the day off because i cannot. :)


Jennifer said...

My vote is to take the day off. If you will be able to check a bunch of tasks off your list, you will feel better traveling and returning next week!

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