Wednesday, April 08, 2009

way back wednesday

jackie made me do it. okay, er, um, I wanted to be cool like jackie...

y'all remember when wednesday was art day? yeah, I want THAT to come back. oh, to find time (and space) to paint. anyone wanna come clean my house for me? I'll pay you good money. I am SO not kidding.


so, picture number one: we'll go in age. this is a picture of my when I was 17. I was alice in wonderland. And I rocked it. My mom made me this costume (and I still have it!) and sterling gave me that cheshire cat. Or did I get one for both of us. I can't recall.

But anyway, I took Harvey (who must've been 7?) out trick or treating in the brookside/zink park area near our house. Everyone thought I was Dorothy. People should learn to be more cultured. ;) And no one told me I was too old to be trick-or-treating--I clearly don't look 17 here.

picture number two: here with whitney, melissa and amber before prom. I wanted a pale yellow prom dress SO BAD. my granny actually sewed it for me. It was the tiniest bit uneven, but it was BEAUTIFUL and I loved it. And no one else had it. When we all went shopping together I saw a cute one at Saks (where they treated us like we were rif-raf since we were young--totally upsetting, why bother selling prom dressed if you are going to be rude to the people who will wear them?) and there was this amazing yellow one that I loved--but mine ended up being so much better. I am sure it's in my mom's house somewhere. Or my granny's? Whatever, I love it no matter what. :)

picture number three: ah, graduation. with sterling, melissa, courtney and amber. oh, EHS. my ten year reunion is this year, folks. yowza. I was SO excited to be graduating, to go off to college and then save the world. If you'd asked me that day I would've said I would never join a sorority, I'd always live in Oklahoma and by the time I was 28 I'd have at least two kids. I'm really happy that my life didn't pan out that way. :D


Jax said...

YAY!!!! I love the little prom picture! :) I, too, had a yellow dress! That's hilarious! :) I wanted one SO BADLY too! You were (and are) a very pretty chick, Carrie! :) And believe..I KNOW about the 10 yr reunion.. Whoa.


Sterling said...

O. M. G.

I looked twelve years old back then.

And I'm pretty sure that was my Cheshire Cat..? Pretty sure it's the one you gave me for my 15th birthday. Pretty sure.

m-m-m-melissa said...

awwww... you look so cute in your alice / dorothy get-up. ;) and SO young! not that you look old now... you know what i mean... shut-up melissa.

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