Thursday, April 09, 2009

so, I went on vacation, right?

and I haven't told you about it. well, exactly....

things you need to know:
1. I took a nap EVERY day.
2. my wii fit character had glasses.
3. the little girls are too cute for words.
4. I did not get a sunburn.
5. we stayed in the "presidential suite."
6. the latest I woke up while there was 915AM.
7. I had sushi. and tuna. and wayne's. and mmmmmmm.

Other factoids:
Tuesday-arrived. flight was uneventful, I suppose, though I came pretty close to missing it 'cause I did not allot the 15 extra minutes for getting from the parking deck to the ticket counter. it's a hike if you're flying SWA. that and the dude next to me on the plane TOOK OVER the middle seat, but whatev. so, got there. played wii fit. hung out. had sushi for dinner. opted not to go to the hockey game, but those who did ended up sitting reallyreally close to scottie pippen. yes, this dude. hung out, tonya and I did not sing girl scout songs like before, and we chilllllled. sat on the balcony, got in the pool and the like.

Wednesday-got up to go to butterfly gardens, but then we learned it was going to cost like $27 for adults and $18 for kids or something whack like that. yeah. instead we stayed in the house, people played with bubbles and we had easter! mmmm jelly beans. it was fun hiding the eggs and seeing the girlies find them. then there was more napping, more wii, more chilling, another trip to the pool I think, and wayne's for dinner. which is DEELISH. George (Matt's dad) introduced us to it. mmmmm.

Thursday-went to the beach! I hid under my spf-cover-up and sat in the shade and rocked my floppy hat and SPF 85. and did not get burned, woo hoo! Thursday night all the kids went to dinner together, which was nice. Good food and lots of laughter! Oh and we played tennis!

Friday-up early once again for a WEIRD massage. Called Tuan bamboo or something? I got there and the nice lady was like "uhhh...yeah, I'm not going to be able to do this like I normally would, you will walk out of here black and blue." It also included cupping, which is a suction cup thingie applied to the fleshy parts of your back. And it HURT and she stopped immediately. It isn't supposed to hurt, but with thinner skin like mine it can be pretty painful. So that was a bust.

Then we played with bubbles and on the playground with the girls. And Matt and Trevor played putt putt. Too fun!

And that evening the packing began. :( We had SUCH a good time. Almost didn't make it home due to the HORRENDOUS line and crazy drama at the airport (long story short--the woman in front of us was a label-flashing, full-of-herself drama-queen who thought she was more important than everyone else and made a scene). We got to be rushed through security and everything--but despite checking our bags only 18 minutes before the flight was supposed to be in.the.air, somehow they made it on and we made it home. We did have to sit on the tarmac for quite some time before taking off (~30 min?) but oh well!

and now, pictures!

also, these make me laugh--katlyn kept doing this to matt, over and over and over. funny, funny.

and here's the whole group the last evening!


Jax said...

Cute cute! I want a pic of you in the floppy hat! I love floppy beach hats! :) Glad you had fun! Sounds like a relaxing good time. :)

m-m-m-melissa said...

"cupping" sounds dirty.

and hot.

glad you had a good time, lollipop. :)

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