Friday, April 17, 2009

"thanks, that was totally fun."

~yours truly

I took a test yesterday in my air pollution whatever it is class. I get a little confused because I am an Air Quality engineer, but my degree is in chemical engineering, but I'm working on my masters in civil engineering, with a focus on air pollution, but my classes have been engineering principles of air pollution control and air pollution control-air quality. um, yeah.

so, my air-civil-grad-class-thing. took a test yesterday. it was a B*TCH. I went through to answer the questions I knew that I knew...and, um, yeah, that was about 30% of them. the first time through I knew FOUR multiple choice. four of the twenty. plus the short answer and problems.


I trudged through and felt a little better when I turned it in, but I would not be surprised if I did poorly. Actually, I will be surprised if anyone actually did well.

and I got stuck on trying to figure out how to make the lambda not be an exponent anymore on (x/sigma)^lambda. I ended up taking the lambda-th root, but I am not so certain that's how we were supposed to do it.

oh yeah, and last friday I went to the bar to play volleyball and though we didn't have a game I DID play the best game of cricket I've ever played in my whole life. I took pictures. It was awesome. And yes, that's 199 points. :D I usually do AWFUL and I'm totally inaccurate, but I won! woo hoo!

um...and that's it. working on some stuff for my new photography website. It's not ready yet, but email me if you want a preview. I am SUPER excited. I expect it to be up in the next few weeks, probably May 4th at the latest!!

And tomorrow AM we leave to go to Cheraw, SC for my friend Betsy's wedding. I have heard about her and M's story the whole time they've been talking to one another, so I'm really pleased to know they're getting hitched and to be a part of that!!

and now for some eh2ed, since I have been remiss.


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