Friday, April 17, 2009

eh2ed #18 and #19

yeah, so I kiiiinda did 18 'cause I psted two for 17. but...

eh2ed #18 (wednesday's)-so for that 20oz bottle of water you buy at the gas station? yeah, it took approximately 25 times that volume just to manufacture that bottle. and when you recycle it? it'll take about that much to make it into a new bottle again. invest in a water bottle. LOTS of places are having earth day sales on eco-friendly items, and water bottles counts. It's SO easy! And easy on your pocket. And you bring an empty water bottle through security at the airport and fill it up at a water fountain too--saving yourself even more $. simple, simple.

eh2ed #19 (thursday's)-more about that water? be mindful of what you're using at home. everyone knows to wash full loads of clothes and all that good stuff. but you can do so much more! the best thing I think Matt and I do is when we're letting the shower water run to warm up, we collect the water with a clean and empty kitty litter bottle. Later we use that perfectly good water to wash our clothes (we just add it to the washer while it's filling), clean the car, water the plants or soak the dishes before we clean them. SO simple, and right there where we need it.

#20 later!


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