Tuesday, April 07, 2009

I would LOVE to tell you about my vacay

except I need to do some picture-looking-through, and I just don't have the time rightthissecond. I am WIPED OUT from this dang root canal. It's funny how such a teeny part of you can make you hurt all over. Perhaps you do not have an appreciation for the wonder that is a root canal, and if not, do thank your lucky stars.

but I will tell you this: the vacation was fantastic. :)

also, yesterday? was ROUGH. I mean, I had a very fun evening (met my good friend nick at a new sushi place and managed to ever-so-carefully eat some of it, which I now realize was only possible because the soreness had not yet set in), but that root canal--hoo buddy. I cried in the dentist's office. He had made me feel like I was "electing" to have a root canal, which was SO not cool. we talked it out, and it ended up being fine and a miscommunication--he thought I wanted him to know with 100% certainty that that's what I needed--and I just wanted to know that given the sitch and circumstance that was his recommendation! yeesh.

but it WAS kind of a relief when he had drilled into the tooth and exposed the nerve and said "yeah, so your nerves are HIGHLY inflamed." and through my latex dam o' fun I said "so does that mean I needed the root canal?" and he said "very much so." weird thing to be happy about, particularly when it involves filing a tooth. icks.

but on a happier note, I think the dental hygenist just might be booking me for some photo shoots. :) AND she said my front teeth were so perfectly straight she thought I had had braces. :)

and also, I have decided to keep the lens. now I just need to decide when I'm buying the camera!! more soon, I swear. tonight I will be taking a nap, hanging out on the couch and eating some soup 'cause that's about all I can handle. so I'll put them in order then!


m-m-m-melissa said...

dentist = yucko.

sorry about your toothy problems, but hopefully you'll be all done once the pain goes away!

and and and, getting complimented on teeth is like the greatest feeling in the world, i think!

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