Tuesday, April 07, 2009

eh2ed #10

soap soap soap.

my boyfriend matt thinks hotel soap is like the best thing ever. because, well, you're already paying for it, right? and you're not having to bring your big shampoo bottle or whatever, you know?

but there are problems with it. such as: smaller volume bottles have more wasteful packaging per unit. and then there's that part where you're taking it home with you--and the weight of a bottle or two isn't a lot, but eventually it'll add up.


there's a balance. don't take things you don't need, or ones you won't use. and while you're at it--that bar of soap you opened up to actually use? make sure you take that home with you too--otherwise you're putting perfectly good soap to waste. be mindful of what you use, and that's a lesson for, y'know, everything. :)


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