Sunday, April 05, 2009

eh2ed #8

you know how you have multiple bottles o' stuff in your bathroom? shampoo, maybe lotion, body wash, face stuff, whatever?

well a biiiiiiiig part of being eco-friendly is using what you need. I will try and find the illustration real simple magazine put out, but the important thing to know is that likely the amount of shampoo, shave cream, toothpaste etc that you're using is probably quite a bit more than necessary. (though don't skimp on the sunblock--you need A LOT of that when you use it) but that toothpaste? you need as little as is reasonable. your shampoo amount should be the diameter of a quarter. and you can stretch that shave cream if you use it (I don't, usually, but if I do it's a teeeensy amount)

so: use what you need, k?


Del said...

You should see the amount of stuff Darin uses - it's incredible. He goes through shampoo and toothpaste like nobody I've ever met.

I tell him that it's wasteful and expensive, yet he still does it... That's why I get the biggest container of anything I can find - more product for your money and not as wasteful (comparatively speaking).


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