Monday, April 06, 2009


I am anxious. I will be having a root canal today. And I have to finish this report thingie, and it's almost done but not quite, and it's making me nervous. And I slept poorly. :(

So, more thinks soon. But for now I would like to share these FABULOUS pieces of fabric for my little project. The one in the middle I bought with Audrey a long time ago--I just WANTED it and had no use for it, but heck if I was walking away without it. :) And the other two I found at a craft store--AND I happened to notice their little advertisement and the 40% off coupon applied to cuts of fabric, too. Plus the girl gave me another 20% off! WOW! It's kind of like I got the brown piece for free.

More soon. including some individual shots. Er, um, images of them individually. I'm getting nervous enough about "shots." :(

vacay was fun, the new lens rocks, etc. more later. when the bottom left side of my mouth is numb. :)


Jax said...

More info from vacay needed! Cute fabric!!! :) cant wait to hear more about the vaca and the project!

kiwimeg said...

Hope the root canal goes ok for you!!

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