Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I am cool.
I am.
that's all there is to it.
my mail says so.
so there.

I joined cool people care. because I care. I do. heck, that's my nickname for crying out loud. don't think the dual meaning is lost on me! and it's cool people care that got me doing that eh2ed beeeswax. and maybe some of you didn't like it, and maybe some of you LOVED it. and if you're the later rather than the former? I concur.

so, part of why I did it is because if I was a good little girl and completed the challenge, I knew that I would get this:

oh, wait, you wanna know what's inside? well, okay, fine...it's this. how to save the world in 24 hours?!? Sign.Me.Up. !!!

So I have about 20 pages left of The Shack, and I will probably knock those out tonight, and then I shall begin reading my glorious new book. My glorious new FREEBIE book. My glorious new FREEBIE book on and environmental topic...SCORE! Oh yeah, and? It's autographed too. :)


Jax said...

You are indeed cool. :) I should take more challenges on blogger! FUN! :)

Sam Davidson said...

I really hope you like the book. Thanks again for taking the challenge - you really do care!

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