Monday, March 30, 2009

so much inspiration, so little time

~my rental-to-possibly-own lens arrives today. eeks!

~I found some DAMN COOL blogs today. email me and I will share them. well, possibly. :) I want a chance to use the inspiration before I broadcast the source, dontchaknow? tiny hint though: this is something that I found inspirational. now to buy the supplies and implement. :D I have like eleventeen projects now--painting, sewing, decorating, etc. so much!

~I miiiiight have spent like $30 on some kick-ass music today. Shazam on the iphone makes me happy. I got Chairlift, The Wombats and Matt Nathanson.

~I am still waffling on getting a camera bag from her. They are totally cute and totally on sale (found a coupon online!), but I just don't know yet. I like how they are cute and all, and the look very functional, but I wish I could, like, look at one in person before I decided to purchase. Plus, I'm not sure there's a fabric in the one I want that is {me} enough. these are my faves: opinions? I'm wanting a bad that a) doesn't scream "steal me!" (my equipment cost an alarming amount of money) and b)will look nice when I'm out and about or shooting a wedding or whatever.

~my emissions testing for class is O.V.E.R. thank goodness. here's what the lovely matilda tallulah looked like yesterday. it felt like a HUGE waste to spend such a beautiful day driving around in my car, but that's okay.

~ps: it's especially okay since next saturday I arrive at 1 and I have two bachelorette parties to attend and then I think I have a houseguest, so I think I'm going to need Sunday to RECOVER! if I hadn't done the emissions testing yesterday I would have had to do it next Sunday.

~and, here's a picture of my friend gurdas. :) clearly, he is also taking pictures of my car.

~later I'll show you what Hazel looks like when she decides she's a present. It's pretty damn adorable. but it's also in my camera right now, and that camera is patiently waiting for me to use it for an engagement shoot this evening!

~oh and. went to a fun baby shower this weekend. and had a splendid double date. we talked about things like last names and owning slaves and sports and the like. it was crazy and fantastic. :D

~and that same night I had SUSHI! (nick, seriously, let's figure it out. not this week but next?) it kiiiiinda meant I had dinner twice, 'cause they had burgers at the shower, but I ate just enough and then it was EARTH HOUR! yay. I want to check out the tallies. I'll let you know.

~I'm not sure how much blogging I'll do in florida, but you'll certainly get the eco-tip o' the day, so do keep an eye out!!


m-m-m-melissa said...

THAT is a lot of blogging, lady. :) have fun on your vacation!!! don't forget the spf!!!

ncmunchkin said...

Hey! I think I might just drive back home after the wedding on Saturday so I wouldn't need to crash...but I do want to see you! I have to pack and to help my mom pack cause it's her first trip outside the US and she's a bit nervous. me when you get back in on Saturday and we'll work something out.

gurdas said...

This Gurdas guy is damn handsome :-)

And with no intentions of making you feel bad, I think we might have lost some critical OBD data from your test! Possibly because of that ugly guy Gurdas.

Jessie said...

The Wombats are pretty awesome. And Shazam is, indeed, cool.

Jax said...

Is that first pic of fabrics?! I love them if so and would LOVE to know the site! I'm thinking of making a wall tapastry thing and want some fun fabrics! :)

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