Sunday, March 29, 2009

eh2ed #2

sunday, sunday...

things that are making me happy:
-the color yellow
-opening my windows in the house
-wearing flip-flops


so, eh2ed tip numero two: keep your freezer full. a full freezer operates more efficiently than a half-full or empty freezer. (think about it--lots of cold things help keep that temperature down) so don't go buy eleventeen things of frozen peas (unless you need 'em!) but don't be afraid to keep that freezer stocked!

however--don't overfill or fill to the brim either. you don't want to restrict airflow!


Jax said...

did you hear about our crazysauce snow?! Nuts! And I love flip flops so much! :) I cant wait til they're a permanent part of my weekend wardrobe. Winter's HOPEFULLY on its way out!

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