Wednesday, March 11, 2009

"now where's your picket fence, love? and where's your shiny car?"

~the all american rejects

Hiya. It's wednesday. And that makes me pleased, despite the fact that I have something due that I have SO not finished, and despite having choir, and despite the fact that I have not yet fully unpacked from the trip to Naples, and I'm leaving for Orlando in 48 hours. FORTY EIGHT HOURS! EEKS!

I think it might be the coffee talking. :)


-yesterday I got my test back. I was a skosh nervous about it, since, y'know, I went to see Ben Folds the night before. I did not get an A, and I am more than fine with that--I got my As when it was important, now a B is more than acceptable. And that's what I got! I am SUPER pleased. Totally the right decision. :)

-last night I went to that college and career thing, figuring I at least needed to check it out. I'm glad I went, but I don't think it will become a regular part of my life. I did make some suggestions (thanks Leanne and Renee and everyone!) such as: hows abouts we have one tuesday meeting a month and then the other thing float? And, hows abouts we try to do things in conjunction with things we're already doing? e.g., lunch after church? They seemed like they thought that could be okay.

-I just paid off a revolving medical expense balance I had. This pleases me greatly. It means I no longer have any dental work debt. Yippee!

-I went to the grocery store last night, and I noticed that back side of the receipt was covered with coupons--two of which are for BRUEGGERS!! They don't expire until the end of the year, either. Matt and I are DEFINITELY going to be using these. It's kind of like they gave me $7ish back, because we would SO be spending that money anyway!

-I am catching up on photo editing. This pleases me too! I put up some maternity/family photos yesterday.

and most exciting of all...drumroll please...

Yesterday I officially helped impact environmental legislation. Like, in real life. Check it out. Many, many people were involved in this from many different businesses, to be sure. But I was one of them. This is a big BIG deal to me. And I. Am. Stoked. The press release is here.

okay, back to metal HAP process vents. oh, the joy. you should be jealous. ;)


m-m-m-melissa said...

i'm not necessarily jealous of your metal... HAP... what is it? :) but i definitely AM jealous of your trip to orlando!!!

congrats on the legislation. and keep it up. :)

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