Friday, January 23, 2009


that's how I'm feeling right now. pensive.

I went to a Women's Bible Study at church last night. We talked about Mary and Martha, about being women, about all sorts of stuff. It is something I'm definitely making the time for.

Something else really motivating happened today--my office neighbor, Katie, had said she could loan me books for class if I'd like and they were what I needed. I'm having a little fiasco with my books right now, but thankfully between my friend Gurdas and expedited Amazon shipping, it'll be okay. (PS, DO NOT use they kind of suck)

But so, Katie did the same thing I'm doing--getting her masters one class at a time. It will take a really, really long time. Really. But she told me it is so worth it. And I needed to hear that. I've gotten some really negative comments about going for my masters--some people have told me a masters isn't worth it at all, you should go PhD or nothing. Other friends have given me a hard time because it takes up my time, or because they think I'm doing it just to make myself look good. My mom and Granny and Granddad are/were always saying encouraging things though, and I listen to them. And I have friends who encourage me too, or who've helped me think through this path. I've changed my mind a lot, and people have listened to me wonder about all of it--so if you're an encourager or supporter or listener, thanks. :)

Katie reminded me that when it's all over, it will be SO worth it. I'll get a pay raise and an increase in stature, but I'll also get that title after my name. It will mean more when I do presentations and they can talk about both of my degrees. It will qualify me for more jobs and give me "street cred." And if you know me really well, you'll understand why this sentence was the most important one she said "And it's something no one can take away from you."

I've also been thinking a lot about photography. If you've seen the blog, you'll know that Nicole and I have parted ways. And in short, it has made me pensive.

But on a happier note, I now have a new site!

This weekend, in like an hour and a half, Matt and I are heading to Boone. With all sorts of people. And it should be FUN. And I am looking forward to it. So now, time to get my stuff together and head home!


Misha said...

Are you KIDDING me? You are actually given a hard time for wanting to work your ass off for a second degree??? That makes me soooo mad. You know... I am really sick of people putting other people down for trying really hard - it happens to me a lot and I have come to the conclusion that other people are SO jealous of us girls that are smart, and have the drive and time to do something like that. I could go on about this in an entire blog myself - why do people care so much about what we want to do with our lives?? It is OURS not THEIRS!!! Just stop listening to what everyone else tells you. Thank god for that friend of yours at work.

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