Tuesday, January 20, 2009


a while ago my friend Patty introduced me to Ideal Bite and I signed up. Sometimes their messages are about things that I'm not particularly interested in, but I really, REALLY liked this one. I'm especially interested in the Low Carbon Diet Calculator and I will DEFINITELY be using the google one too whenever Jack (our garmin) can't find it.

more about the snow day and the election later!

  • Bon App├ętit Eat Low Carbon Diet Calculator - text 69866 with the message lcd, followed by the name of the food (say, omelet) you're considering, and it'll send back a carbon rating and lower-carbon alternatives.
  • Blue Ocean Institute FishPhone - text 30644 with the message fish, followed by the variety you want to know about (example: tuna), and it'll fire back sustainability info on that species.
  • Climate Counts On-The-Go - text 30644 with the message cc, followed by the name of a major company (starbucks), and it'll let you know how well that organization scores on climate issues.
  • Bonus: Google Mobile - text google (466453), enter your starting address, then to, then your destination, and it'll send back directions - no printouts necessary

    Mickie said...

    i love ideal bite :) they have a 'mama' version too. it's hit or miss on the topics since they are so specific, but i like getting the messages & ideas

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