Thursday, January 08, 2009

it's okay, I have a system.

you see, at nighttime I take benadryl. in the morning it's sudafed. and in the middle of the day, zyrtex. did I mention I HATE taking medicine?!?

oh, and tea. LOTS of tea. and water. and cranberry flavored ginger ale. (which I can kind of thank nicole for, 'cause after I had cherry 7up at her house I wanted more...which eventually led me to try this!)

Monday night I started feeling pretty gross...Tuesday night I had a fever...Wednesday I stayed home and today I'm improving but still have a loverly raw and red nose. When I went to the doctor yesterday my primary complaint was [warning, a tinge gross] "green snot." This made her laugh, a lot.

My first day of class was today. I think my professor is neurotic. Like, seriously neurotic. He totally beefed up his policies (which were already kind of intense). eg:
-if you do not staple your papers you lose FIVE percentage points for that homework
-if you turn in your homework at 8:31 am you lose TEN percentage points
-homework groups shall be no more than three people and no less than three people
-if you ask him to regrade something (because you think you should have gotten more points on a problem) he will regrade the ENTIRE paper/homework/test/whatever, not just that one place. so your overall grade may go down.


I want to be like "dude, this is a class for seniors in college and grad students. final semester seniors. LAY OFF. this isn't some weedout class." I also feel like he must not have children and feel a little sorry for his wife. gracious.

okay, time for more nose blowing. more soon. I still have like three sets of pictures to show you, all in good time...


Greg said...

I wonder if he's a Monty Python fan...the no more than three, no less than three sounds like the intonation for the Holy Hand Grenade.

care said...

oh, how I wish that were the case. his actual words were "the groups may not be larger or smaller than three people without the prior approval of the instructor." yeah. awesomesauce.

care said...

and? if that were the case? maybe he'd allow 5. :)

ncmunchkin said...

what class are you taking?? I haven't had anyone like that. Here, if they say "List questions you'd ask for this" and you turn in a paper that has questions, intertwined with sentences...they say you didn't do the assignment and you get a D. So, maybe your guy isn't so bad??

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