Friday, December 19, 2008

pie charts are almost as good as pie.

can you believe that by this time next week CHRISTMAS WILL HAVE PASSED?!? Holy moly.

Olivia sent this to me a while ago. I LOVE it when people send me eco-factoids, and this one was everything I could have hoped for. :)

A fact: Of our municipal waste streams there's ~ 12.8% yard waste, 12.5% kitchen scraps, 32.7% paper or paperboard = 58%!!!

You can compost ALL of that! 58% of our waste can be composted. Can you IMAGINE? 58% fewer landfills? 58% fewer garbage bags, and therefore less petroleum and less transportation and manufacture of the petroleum and the bags and WOW.

if only.

yeah. that's about it. I have oodles of things to say but I need to leave like, um, now for a christmas party. if you have a sec, go check out the lux blog or the lux website. we've been doing LOTS of editing and more is on the way! and in just a little bit we might have a new logo, too! stay tuned!


Corrie said...

Carrie, my cool father in law made me an AWESOME compost tumbler. It is out in our backyard. Then for my birthday they got me a compost crock to keep on the kitchen cabinet! I need to learn more about how to really get it started but I think I am on my way!

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