Wednesday, December 17, 2008

the main ingredient is deliciousness--or--fascist cats

okay, I am sure someone is going to be offended or something by this. too bad. I am not making fun of any cultures or religions or schools of thought or anything, okay? I hate it that I feel like I have to preface this, but damn. I do. moving on.

so, tuesday was our division-wide luncheon. ham. turkey. sweet potatoes. corn. mac and cheese (only in the south is mac and cheese an art form, goodness gracious it was amazing. maybe that's why I've gained weight while living here. moving on.) mmmmm. and I brought my passed-through-generations, crust-rolled-with-my-great-grandma-mae's-rolling-pin pumpkin pie, and it was described as "phenomenal," "fantastic," and "wow." amongst other things. like how it's main ingredient is deliciousness. :) it sure is nice to have a known crowd-pleaser to bring. AND to get to have leftovers of that crowd-pleaser for breakfast. I made two pies and there were AT LEAST 17-20 desserts. for ~120 people. yowza.

so, I also won this little guy. I tend to win things in drawings, did you know that? far more than statistics and probability would suggest. not that previous winnings actually affect or change your likelihood of winning in that contest, but you know what I mean. I didn't win a computer after my freshman year like Sterling did (when we were named top freshman) but I do win--a case of pepsi, two books of tickets to the WAC tourney from the tri-delts, this poinsettia, if there's a raffle I feel like I have a good shot.

well, of course this brought up the question--are poinsettias poisonous to cats? apparently this is a myth-well sort of. it's the same kind of thing as how daddy long legs are the world's most poisionous spider...(which is a myth, but for the sake of my point) if the thing is that it is sooooooo venomous but it can't bite you, what's the big deal? likewise, a cat would have to eat, like, an entire plant in one sitting for it to really to damage. and though hazel might try (she LOVES to eat anything with leaves, like my jade plant or our poor bamboo), there's no way she could do that. but, just in case it's hanging out at my office, maybe it will come home for the weekend.

and it somehow got into cat traits, and how my cat Gobi is a Jewish Pacifist, amongst some other things, and blah blah. We decided that Hazel and my office-neighbor's cat are both Fascists since they're both aggressive and prone to confrontation. :) Hey, it's the little things that get you through the day, hmm?

oh and, one more little fun thing for y'all--monday night you might have made fun of me for my phone call to my friendly neighborhood lowe's foods. I bought a 4 cup pyrex measuring cup--my 2 cup plastic one had cracked and I wanted a big one, and target doesn't sell a lot of pyrex and I didn't want to go to walmart. So when I checked out I told them I had my own bags (and even an extra this time!) and went to find my card to pay. I got home to find that my pyrex was holding my containers of yoplait, and that it was wrapped up in a plastic bad.


I called and explained to the manager--I know they were trying to make sure I didn't break it on the way home, I know this is what they are trained to do, but you need to explain to them that if someone is bringing their own bags there's a damn good chance they don't want ANY plastic bags. At.All.Under.And.Circumstances. I wasn't rude or mean or angry, just a little like "you've GOT to be kidding, seriously?" I explained to him that I haven't gotten a plastic bag since february (though admittedly matt has taken the fall for me ~6 times) and that it was very important to me that those not come home with me.

He said he understood, and tried to make me feel better by telling me I could recycle it, and poor guy, I explained to him that reducing is the first step in being green, and that most bags left for recycling don't even make it into another finished product, blah blah blah. He seemed to appreciate the knowledge, but I still felt bad, so I commended Lowe's policy of giving you points for bringing bags, their green cleaners and local produce offerings, etc.

But yeah. A plastic bag snuck into my house on monday. boo.

Okay, bedtime. I haven't blogged at night in a looooooong time. Have sweet dreams!


Maria said...

We have our Division luncheon today at McNellies (mmmm), and we do that dirty santa game (YUCK). Guess what I bought for under $10? You guessed it-- a reusable bag. LOL! I know several people would like it, so I don't even feel like "that" person.

Autumn Joy said...

I'm a cashier, I love the bring your own bag thing. I get SO ANNOYED when someone buys something small (like gum, seriously this happens at least once a day) and after ringing it up I place their gum next to their wallet (on that thing you set your checkbook on) and they look at me like I am stupid and say "Um I need a bag please"
You do not need a bag for your tiny wad of gum. Seriously, we need LESS bags in this world, not more!!
Drives me nuts!! More power to ya!!

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