Tuesday, December 30, 2008

and so on...

so, it's that time of year again. when I check out what I did/didn't do that I said I would/wouldn't. I work very well with goals, so it helps me to make them...

last year's resolutions and results...
1. figure out my career/engineering path, and get a move on.-I think I get a gold star on this one. I have my new job that I love, I went back to school and I have found my real true interest. go, me!
2. make a point to take care of myself.-and this one too. more sleepy less stressy. or at least I try. I have also done MUCH better about not pushing my limits. and I wear that damn vulture mask to play sports. :)
3. learn how to play the guitar. or at least make a valid attempt. not so much...but I am okay with that. I would still love to learn, but it is not a priority.
4. read. a lot. I've never set a number before, but let's start tame--say, 20 books? I'm secretly hoping for more than 26, but I don't want to make it toooo hard. clearly, this did not happen. got stuck on two (word freak and strange/norell). I think I got to ~12, but I can't recall them all. when I made this resolution I wasn't buying a house, going to grad school, starting a new job or starting a photography business, I think I get a bye.
5. find three ways to be more environmentally friendly in my day-to-day life. um, check. composting. collecting my shower water. avoiding buying things with packaging. keeping my thermostat lower. etc.
6. do more photography--a)get at least seven more states this year, b)continue to branch out more (engagement photos, perhaps pregnancy/infant photos), c)save up for a super nice camera. done, done, done. alabama, florida, west virginia, illinois, kentucky, indiana, mississippi. done all of those plus MANY more, and my canon and I have a little love affair.
7. get. rid. of. clutter. still working on this. given away plenty BUT still have some giving away to do...and some organization to make. moving both helped and hindered this...
8. do what makes me happy. really, really happy. getting there on this too. I'm doing less of what DOESN'T make me happy, and that's good. I think i'm finding that the things I thought would make me happy kind of don't...well, not in the way I thought they would. anyway, working on it. :)

and for 2009
1. read more.
2. continue grad school. and apply to get a real actual graduate degree.
3. get to work earlier. just a little, but earlier.
4. get organized at home. for realz.
5. stop buying crap I don't need just 'cause I like it.
6. scrapbook our road trip to oklahoma and back.
7. get more states. I want to have less than 20 left by the end of next year.
8. in the summer, grow more food that I can eat. along with this, I want to specifically grow tomatoes and basil (yet again) and I have a goal of making my own mozzarella (http://www.cheesemaking.com/30-Minute-Mozzarella-Ricotta-Kit.html) at home, then making a pizza using tomatoes and basil I grew myself. I might get extra adventurous and make my own cheddar too (I use white cheddar on my pizza)
9. keep on keepin' on with my photography. things have gone CRAZY in the last year--getting published, selling many a print, working with lux...wow. I have to take a good hard look at what I want to be doing, but what an amazing, encouraging year. I already have one and possibly two weddings booked, and a session this weekend with a friend from VA. I must say, I need to toot my own horn, yes? :)


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