Wednesday, November 19, 2008

yay for me!

so, without further adieu...the picture is this:

it's an award from my group! I got it for my above and beyond effort on the refinery project that sucked away so much of my life...And (brag alert) if I hadn't gotten it for my refinery work? The people who worked on the greenhouse gas project got it too--and I worked on that as well! You can only get one award and it comes with a pretty little check that was bigger than I expected (I was thinking you'd get, what, fifty bucks?) I saw it and thought "thank you, place of work, for your contribution to my fridge purpose. ha!"

But all refrigerator jokes aside, the fact that my work in the past six months is enough to warrant an award makes me so, SO SO SO SO glad I switched groups. I'd been working for them for two and a half years and I was never put on a project that was even considered for an award, I am damn certain. Yet here, I am right in the thick of it, and they're even training me to be "the knowledgeable person" for some reg rule stuff since our current "knowledgeable person" will be retiring in December. I am SUPER lucky, I know, but I am also SUPER glad I changed groups!!


ncmunchkin said...

Cool award!!! Congrats!!

and who is retiring? Would I know them?

Nick said...

Congrats Rie! I say sushi some time in December 'cause these next two weekends are slammed. Or we can try to swing a weekday night. Let me know what's good for you and Matt. BTW, check out my friend's hubby's photography website. I figure it's always good to share ideas amongst talented photogs like you and Nicole. Love the website, now I just need an occassion to book you for!

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