Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I probably need to get some new music.

because now is the time I would usually break out a song reference.

so, I am not feeling well. I believe I have a fever. this does not make me happy. I am hoping I just need a nap. I am not going to choir today, though.

nicole and I launched our website today, HOORAY! well, okay, that's not totally accurate. we actually went live last friday, but now it's all up and pretty and up-to-date. go check it out! we are EXCITED!

I have some green things to rate for you, but there's no time for that right now. all in good time though! instead, I'd like to tell you about our fridge.

on monday I spent, essentially, a mortgage payment on our fridge. CRAZY stuff. but it'll be good in the long run.

so, we went in to buy a fridge. 21 ft3 whirlpool. with a top-mount freezer. so, your standard fridge. black, energy star, adjustable shelves and the like. and a whirlpool, which apparently has been the least repaired brand of fridge for the past eleven years. so, um, that's a plus.

I reaaaalllly wanted a bottom mount freezer though. for convenience sake. and because I tend to kind of lose things in fridges. so if I could SEE them I figured that would be better, right?

But, bottom mount refrigerators, for one, are MUCH more expensive. Probably due to demand, I would guess. And typically they are also more expensive/use more energy to operate. Not a ton more, maybe $10 a year, but still. Waste not want not, right? And green=use less energy. So because of the money and more importantly the energy, I had decided no bottom mount freezer for me.


so, I'd been looking on and trying to see what I could find (I had some gift cards there and a coupon) and came across the one you see here. It's a bottom mount, clearly. But I knew it was more energy and more money, and yeah. so, while we were there Matt and I talked about it, and realized they had one IN the store. and of course it was energy star and he checked the tag and~lo! and behold!~it took exactly the same amount of energy to run as the other model we were going to buy. exactly. More money, but more convenience...AND it was what I wanted. AND it wasn't any more energy. AND it was even a whole cubic foot bigger!!!

so now we'll have a 22ft3 bottom mount whirlpool gold fridge. that should not break or thaw on us, and we have a warranty that includes spoilage. :) the fridge should arrive next week, they think on Wednesday. so, coolers until then. but for now, we have a glorified cooler (aka our old fridge) and something coming SOON, thank goodness!

okay, time to go home, lay down and rest before doing more homework and packing. I'll be in Williamburg thursday and friday at a conference--have fun without me!


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