Sunday, November 16, 2008

four hours of refrigerators

so, let's clear up a few things, shall we?

1) the fridge DID come with the house.
2) the fridge is NOT new. it is ~3 years old (built in 2005, the same year the house was built)
3) to the best of my knowledge it is not covered under the home warranty. I will double check this tonight after the photos and the homework-completion.

yesterday Matt and I spent FOUR hours visiting Lowes, Sears and Home Depot. We've eliminated any options at Sears, mostly because with all this fridge bullshit we've decided to get the warranty. Sears is $229 for three years, home depot and lowes cover 5 years for $99. The difference in service is that Sears does an annual inspection/preventative maintenance thing, which is cool and all, but honestly I don't want to have to take the time off work to have someone come poke around in my fridge. And pay them more for it. Oh, and a cool thing? (pun not intended!) all of them have food spoilage clauses. like $250 per time, and it even kicks in when, say, there's an icestorm in the area and it knocks out the power. I think that's pretty rad.

but yeah. the fridge isn't just clogged up or anything--it was cleaned in June by a professional and we had to have it serviced again in, what, September or something? it sat unplugged for a while after this place was foreclosed upon and the guy who sold it to me bought it. which makes sense 'cause why bother running a fridge you don't use, but it can also ruin the appliance.

and that's your refrigerator lesson for the day. :)

other things
-yay to all of you who have used or are using VOC-free paint. your respiratory system thanks you.
-home depot isn't the only one who carries VOC-free paint. Lowes does too. I know this 'cause that's what we painted our house with. Maybe they're the only ones to carry that particular brand of it?
-ha, not a tofurky box! but I do like tofu! That's a breakfast sandwich thingy.
-high five to all of you again for your greenness! :D


Maria said...

The stuff at Home Depot-- Freshair choice-- is No VOC paint out of the can and No VOC in the color additive. The stuff at Lowes is no VOC in the can, but the additive contains VOC.

We went with the stuff at Home Depot, because the people at Lowes on 15th St. in Tulsa did not know their product.

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