Monday, November 17, 2008

four. five. five. four.

that's my weekend in a nutshell. you could probably add another four into it. honestly.

there was four hours of refrigerator shopping, including a very not helpful one month subscription to consumer reports. normally you can use that as gospel in the appliance-buying world, but not this time. I cannot believe they were like "well, it's not energy star, but...."icks. as a matter of fact there was an obvious lack of energy star appliances, which does not make for a happy Carrie. Or Matt.

there was also four hours of fun with Olivia and Adam. a trip to Jaymes Joyce and The Federal in Durham. I hadn't been to either of those places. And we talked about all the things you're not supposed to talk about, y'know, religion, money and politics? And though our opinions were not the same we all walked away having had some yummy beer, some deelish food, and with a horrid case of garlic fry breath. Oh, and we learned about each other too. :) Olivia and I had some fabulous eco-friendly information exchange going on, I will be researching and sharing with you soon!

we also spent four hours downtown. Nicole posted pictures that she took--my point and shoot has been draining batteries again and didn't want to flash. We had a good time though. And got to hang out with Matt's friend Shayne, who is one of my favorites, and also with Taylor and Katie, more of my favorites. There were many more of my favorites at the bar, but I get to see them much more frequently. Shayne was there for Matt and my second date of doom, and that was, of course, recounted. Anyway, we had a good time and it was very nice to be on the other side of the rope, but honestly I am so over going to places where I have to yell to hear my friends talk and pay too much for drinks! I could hear a good portion of the time and it was a really neat atmosphere so I'm glad we made it, but I don't think it will be somewhere I frequent! maybe I am just lazy. :)

sunday we did FOUR photo shoots. FOUR. which lasted about four hours. three were planned for that day, one was a rain-out from Saturday (which was totally a bummer--stupid sunny sky and wet, wet ground!) Nicole and I switched off for all of them and managed to get a lot of good pictures! I am very glad we've decided not to operate like that whenever possible--it is no fun and it wears me out! Plus, sometimes you REALLY need another person. We'll be putting pictures up on our Lux blog and our website very soon!

and then after that? I went to Nicole's for a little bit and had some yummy pizza and cherry seven-up (mmmm!) and we talked shop, and then I headed to NCState to work with my friends from class. We spent FIVE hours doing the homework. FIVE. and we have completed or figured out how to complete only 60% worth of the assignment (point wise). Holy. Crap. Grad school is kicking my ass.

So from 1230-1130 yesterday I was taking photos, at Nicole's talking about photos or working on homework. I am a tired girl. But a tired girl who saved the best for last--on Friday after I got to work once Jennifer was settled (I took her to get her wisdom teeth out) I got something exciting! I took a picture and need to download it so you'll just have to be patient. :)

hope your monday went by quickly and painlessly!


Jennifer said...

Oh, I cannot wait to see the picture from Friday!!! :)

Nick said...

Go Palindrome Girl! "Girl Palindrome" Go!

Umm, sushi?

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