Thursday, October 09, 2008


-all environmentalists are liberals. you can't be one if you're a republican.
-all real Christians are republicans, think abortion should be illegal and are not environmentalists..
-and God wants, and has always wanted, a republican president, both because they are always right, and because God prefers to meddle with the political affairs of our country.


so, last night I went to dinner with some ladies' for megan's birthday. (megan whose photos are here) and of course the subject of politics came up because, well, it's EVERYWHERE. and I must say, I think I'm very much the most liberal of the group, though there were quite a few who seem liberal on one side and conservative on others. And even I am more in the middle, I must say--left of middle, yes, but still in the middle.

one of the girls said something that struck me though, that it seems like people think that republicans aren't environmentalists. only democrats are, and how that's unfair and ridiculous. I, for one, completely agree. It's a HORRID stereotype. I mean, if you boil it down, are O's environmental goal better than M's? YES. But take a look at M's policies, it's not like they're miles behind. It's just taken down a notch. Now, if you pull M's VP into play, then things definitely get dicey, because she's kind of ignornant in her viewpoints, in my opinion. (and if you disagree, go read this and tell me you can refute it)

but anyway.

you can be a liberal christian. and a conservative environmentalist. and a democrat who isn't an environmentalist (I suppose, I don't actually know any). the party lines are fuzzy at best. it was an interesting discussion, to be sure. quite a bit of it I disagreed with, but I was pleased to listen to opinions that people had actually researched and developed instead of ones that they'd just taken hook, line and sinker.

moving on...

I got one of the most thoughtful gifts I've ever gotten yesterday. Check it out! the platters, the cover throw, a picture frame, the dishes, a bag, a bowl, some eco saying buttons and many other little cute things! I LOVE it! Nicole gave it to me as a house-warming/birthday/thanks for taking my bridal portraits gift and I really like it. Oh AND she reused that basket and the only wrapping she did was add ribbon. two thumbs up!

also, while matt and I were cleaning and organizing last night I emptied three boxes, relocated four more to their appropriate area and also moved my compost from the container to the soil to hang out for a while. AND I found these. Matt did not know what they were called, do you? I have a prize for the first person who answers it correctly, you'll just have to tell me how to get it to you. :) I was just "what, you don't know what ________ are? you have to be KIDDING! Anna and I LOVED these when we were growing up. We had the bigger ones too!"


KaritaG said...

POPPELS!! Right? I had that white one with the turquoise.

care said...

well, popples, apparently (I had to google to make sure) but I don't count off for spelling. let me know how to send you a little prize, k? (there's an email me link on the right)

Leanne said...

I TOTALLY had popples also! They were totally awesome. Why do they not make them anymore?!?

On another note, I LOVED your thoughts on politics. I get that a lot. Can't be liberal and an environmentalist in seminary, that's insane! And yet I compost, take the train to school everyday, and love Jesus. Radical!

Jeremy said...

By the same logic that "republicans aren't environmentalists": I'm miffed that democrats aren't supposed to be religious. :-/ I think the country basically went through a divorce, and in the settlement the republicans got bragging rights to: religion, morals, guns, and tax breaks. And democrats got: environmentalism, foreign policy, and health care.

brooke said...

i can't believe everyone doesnt know what popples are! i didnt have one, but was in love with my best friend's one (which i think was the white one like that). good memories!

Renee said... i'm wondering where my big pink popple is...

Misha said...

I know plenty democrats who aren't environmentalists. Because there are always people who support a party because they always have, not because of what issues they really care about. That's part of the problem with politics. In fact, McCain is far closer to democrat than he is republican.

I have coffee mugs that match your house warming bowl!

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